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“Dr. Rabe…thank you for your consultations and recommendations while under your care. You always took the time to listen and inform me of current treatments and options I would not have known about without your knowledge and desire to share. You’re a doctor in the truest sense of your profession and you will be remembered by me for your dedication, enthusiasm, and ability to communicate and motivate.”

“You literally saved my life. My food allergies were so very severe that I was being treated by six specialists…I knew I had to find someone who could think outside-the-box….Mark Rabe, MD… drilled down to the underlying issues and figured out what is actually wrong with me. I was able to wean off…16 meds…as well as my three-year constant companion, my cane. Dr. Rabe…my savior…thank you for all you did for me. Namaste.”

“I wanted to say that Cannabis saved my life after many battles with PTSD and depression. This herb continues to do so. You clearly understand the scientific medicinal properties this plant contains and devoted your career and life to assist people with something that is of no profit to you. Other medical practitioners sell themselves to big pharma and do no good for the people. With that, I wanted to thank you for the cause.”

“These people are a Godsend…Dr. Rabe…has always made me feel secure and confident in my cancer battle and that I can do this and do it well with alternative treatments. He has always answered all of my questions and is quite thorough. I always walk out of the building feeling much more peace than I walked in with…you cannot ask for more than that when battling for your life. Thank you.”